We can share some insights in 3 functions (Digital Marketing, Analytics, Operations) and 6 industries (Consumer Tech, SaaS, Hardware, Insurance, Consulting, Online Groceries Delivery)
and 4 geographies. (India, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia)

– Campus Placements actually make you handicapped mentally. (honestly speaking, people stop learning here..)

– Focus on doing Projects

– Focus on doing case studies for target companies and submitting to HR or Founders for interview

– Use Career Cell & College CAREER Services very well

– Use Alumni Network & connect to Alumni (40% of my job Offers and most Internships were due to good Alummi network, I had built)

– Use Career Fairs & College Job Portals actively (it’s timely and periodically useful)

– Use LinkedIn for Job exploration (Unlike India, it’s highly functional abroad and even in India it had worked like a charm for most and my students/peers – Provided you learn the art of networking)

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