• This is not self-introduction
• Introduce the academic field of interest
• Write how and why its interests you
• What do you aspire do in this domain


• Academic information of either school or college
• Industrial exposure and training experience
• Professional Experience {if any)
• Must include Extracurriculars in UG and MBA SOP
• Extracurricular is optional for MS {relevant to course}

Why this Course

• Specify why you want to pursue this particular course
• Discuss the course curriculum
• Explain the skills you would enhance during the course

Career Goal
• Clearly specify your goal immediately after this course
• Portray your long-term plans (10-15 down the line)
• Never talk about staying in foreign country for long

Why this University?
• Specific features of university that attract you
• How it’s exposure would help you realize your go

• Sum up what you have written
• Do not write anything about financial assistantship

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